There are a few things you need to know about voting

  • Check your pay stub to make sure $47.40 is taken out for teachers and at least $23.66 for PSRPs That’s how you know if you are a full dues paying member

  • Bring ID

  • Download and print the BMORE CEDE candidates and instructions for voting

  • Show up May 15th between 7:30am and 5:30pm. (You must be in line by 5:30pm!)

  • Locations:

    • NACA II (#349) 2500 E Northern Pkwy, Baltimore, MD 21214

    • Baltimore Teachers Union 5800 Metro Dr # 200, Baltimore, MD 21215

    • Edmondson/Westside High School (#400) 501 N. Athol Ave

    • Frederick Douglass High School (#450) 2301 Gynns Falls Parkway

    • Arundel Elementary School (#164) 2400 Round Rd

    • Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary School (#39) 201 E. 21st Street (behind district headquarters)

  • Don’t push one button that says “slate” (that will select current union executives). Instead select each name on the BMORE-CEDE list to vote for BMORE-CEDE

BTU Election Voting Locations Map.png