BMORE-CEDE Values and Platform

A different kind of union


The Union We Deserve Platform


Increased Supports for Educators

We believe that supported teachers better support students. we commit to:

  1. A comprehensive BTU contract and healthcare benefits

  2. Teacher rights and manageable teacher loads

  3. High quality professional development for teachers, PSRPs, BTU building representatives, staff and field representatives

  4. Quicker responses to contract violations and the grievance process

  5. Healthy, safe facilities to work/learn in

  6. Teachers/PSRPs playing an active role in developing curriculum and deciding how we are evaluated

  7. Easy-to-read explanations of important contract sections and COMAR requirements, including FAQs and answers

  8. Increased social/emotional supports in schools

  9. More supportive teacher induction process which includes reflection and effective mentoring


A Member-Run BTU

We are accountable to our members FIRST. we commit to:

  1. Engaging members so their priorities are reflected in our budget, meetings, and campaigns

  2. Training building representatives to take action on school-based concerns

  3. Solidarity with local groups and initiatives that align with our values and goals

  4. Hosting inclusive activities, events, and functions for members to increase relationships, interaction, and collaboration

  5. Increasing engagement between teachers and PSRPs


Democracy and Transparency

We believe the BTU should model democracy and be transparent with its members. We commit to:

  1. Accessible BTU election and contract voting

  2. Open and public contract negotiations

  3. Regularly scheduled general membership meetings

  4. Official structures for Building Representative meetings with agendas/minutes and a democratic process for proposing agenda items

  5. Active, member-led committee meetings with agendas and minutes that are shared throughout the membership

  6. Transparent use of dues with bi-annual budget reports


Centering Race and Equity

It is our responsibility to counteract Baltimore City’s history of structural and institutional racism. we commit to:

  1. Ensuring a clear and improved PSRP-to-teacher program

  2. Instituting a Baltimore City student-to-teacher recruitment program

  3. Increasing the number of Black teachers

  4. Ensuring the development and implementation of culturally responsive curriculum

  5. Hosting speaker series and educational forums to discuss, educate, and work together towards creating true change


Organizing for Social Justice with Students, Families and Communities

We understand that in order to address the root cause of school challenges we need to foster healing, work in community and across systems. we commit to:

  1. More effectively organize and mobilize BTU members

  2. Fighting for legislation and funding that supports students and communities

  3. Supporting student and community-led movements

  4. Developing partnerships with other unions to better advocate at the state and national level