The union we deserve


Putting YOU back into the union


We did it!

We ran and the unofficial results are in. Our official statement is below. For all of you who voted and cheered for us, we thank you! The transition period will require everyones patience as we tackle the many tasks ahead. We look forward to working with everyone— whether you voted for us or not.

We invite all teacher and PSRP building reps to come to the last building rep meeting of the year on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 5800 Metro Drive at 4:30pm. Come meet the new leadership and share your vision for how we can work together and move forward.

Official statement:

Article 6, Section 15, Clause 6 of the Constitution of the Baltimore Teachers Union states that “The candidate for each office who receives a plurality of the votes cast for the office shall be elected thereto. Newly elected officers take office immediately.”

According to the unofficial results of the Baltimore Teachers Union leadership election, the Union We Deserve has won the BTU presidency and 19 spots on the teacher chapter executive committee. The Progressive Caucus won all seats on the PSRP chapter of the executive committee. We want to congratulate our union brothers and sisters on an election with an unprecedented level of engagement and dialogue, and we look forward to collaborating on a powerful new executive committee. All of the union members who came out today to make their voices heard represent a workforce that is invested in Baltimore’s children, communities and future. Our union is stronger when we work together, and we look forward to teaming up with our union brothers and sisters. A leadership team that is composed of members of both slates gives our members the voice and representation they deserve.

Let’s create the union we deserve!